If you truly love the Lord you will never WANT to leave Him out of your life!

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Revelation 2:4

I remember right after President Obama was elected to office there were memes that went around with George Bush’s face on them saying, “DO you miss me yet? It was implying that the new president was making so many mistakes that President Bush was a better president. It was sure was funny!

But in our life I often wonder if the Lord is asking us that same question. I wonder if we are so carnally minded we can’t hear Him talking to us. We have turned a deaf ear to the things of God so many times…He has to show up in our lives in devastating ways. Ways that drives us to our knees! Ways that has us calling out to Him!

I wonder this morning if you have been running from the voice of God for a while? I wonder what it’s going to take for you to stop and listen to Him. I don’t think, at first, the Lord wanted to throw Jonah overboard. I don’t think, at the first, the Lord wanted to kill Ananias and Sapphira. But you know what…He did that and more to get the attention of His own! What will it take to get your attention?