Promoted Because of Death!

When Christ calls a man, He bids him come and die.  There are different kinds of dying, it is true; but the essence of discipleship is contained in these words.- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord. Matthew 10:24

The world we live in today is in a mess! Why? Because everyone wants to be a chief and no one wants to be an Indian. We see it in job titles. A sanitary engineer, an associates, a manager, etc. Whatever happened to the janitor, the salesman, the supervisor? What’s wrong with being called what you are? If everyone is a chief but they’re no Indians, we are in a mess! Who would one listen to when it’s time to take a break?

Die to self and start at the bottom. Work in a way that honors your Saviour. When you do the Lord will bless you tremendously, maybe even giving you the promotion you have worked hard for!