If you're tooting your own horn, sooner or later you will give out of breath!

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips. Proverbs 27:2

There are some who like to tell everyone what they have done for the Lord. Day after day they proclaim; I washed the church van, I cleaned the bathrooms in the church, I mowed the yard, I preached to 500 people, I have taught Sunday School for 40 years, I grew a church from 10 to 1,000, I pastored the same church for 50 years. While many of those examples are solid reasons to “brag”, who are you bragging on?  When many of those same people get to Heaven, they will find out the list they were keeping up with wasn’t as long as they thought it was.

Child of God, quit keeping up with what you do for the Lord. It’s not like you’re getting into Heaven for your good works anyway, so why brag and promote self. Just do what the Lord has asked you to do and be happy He knows what your motives are—FOR HIS GLORY and not tooting your own horn!